A Re-Unification 10 Years in the Making

After a long 10-year search, daughter Michelle Cehn and father Greg Hicks shared a sweet reunification through the help of DNA testing.

Michelle was born in 1986 and adopted just hours later by loving parents. Although Michelle describes her childhood in Oakland, California as “blissful,” she always dreamed of meeting her biological parents. With the help and support of her adoptive mother, Michelle found her biological mother, Diane, in 2009 after coming across a family obituary.

While Michelle and Diane’s relationship blossomed over the years, Diane was unable to help Michelle’s search for her father. Diane said she didn’t know him, and had given Michelle up for adoption because she was unable to support her.

Michelle persisted, submitting her DNA to various family tree websites. At first she was only with distant cousins. But finally in April 2018, she located a first cousin on her father’s side!

With excitement and anticipation building, Michelle contacted Greg Hicks—the man she believed to be her biological father—through Facebook. Together they connected the dots and Hicks was confirmed as Michelle’s father through a positive paternity test.

The pair met in the Orange County Airport in California. Watch this heartwarming video to see Greg sprint towards his daughter, and the resulting joy of finding a long-lost family member!

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