Can DNA Tests Tell Your Future?

With every passing year, we gain more and more knowledge of our world and humanity through science. Significant strides are also being made in our understanding of genes and how those affect our personal futures. Is it possible for a DNA test to predict your future?

Consumers often seek to peer into their medical futures by taking a genetic test. Do I carry the gene for Alzheimer’s Disease or breast cancer? Some genetic testing companies believe they can give you the answer.

However, genetics and DNA is incredibly complex. While huge advancements have been made, genetic tests are still not able to predict the medical future of an individual.

A recent analysis of “direct to consumer” tests—like AncestryDNA and 23andMe—found that upon reanalysis of raw data, 40 percent of variants associated with specific diseases were shown to be false positives.

There are even major discrepancies between direct to consumer companies. This is because these companies take a shortcut of only picking the “highlights” of your DNA and don’t sequence your entire genome. But because different companies choose to highlight certain genes and not others, results can appear as conflicting information.

As it turns out, there are no specific genes “for” anything in particular. Even if you do carry a gene for a disease, many variables like diet and exercise can change the impact of that gene. So be wary of companies that advertise a peek into the crystal ball!

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