DNA Helps Solve Robbery Crime in Oregon

DNA Helps Solve Robbery Crime in Oregon

In April 2018, Woodland Heights Market in Medford Oregon experienced an armed robbery when the cashier was robbed at knifepoint. The suspect, man covered head to foot in black clothing and sunglasses covering his face, left law enforcement with few leads on the case. But the robber’s one mistake was leaving behind a discarded article of clothing.

Oregon State Police crime lab technicians were able to use the DNA to find their suspect. In many cases, the DNA found on clothing or weapons may not match a specific person entered in genetic databases, but might line up with relatives of the suspect. Fortunate for Oregon law enforcement, this DNA led them straight to the suspect.

“It’s one thing to get a DNA hit, it’s another thing to get a DNA hit that matches to an actual person,” Lt. Mike Budreau explains. “And, in this case, a person that’s local and a person who is on probation. It really lined up well for us.”

Burdreau continues, “We can have smaller and smaller samples that will give us a better and better profiles. We also have more and more offenders that are entering the database that we would have to search from.”

23-year-old Andrew Kyle Beck was arrested and has been charged for robbery in the first degree, finally closing the robbery case.

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