DNA Tests Can’t Determine Your Future

We’ve all credited genetics with certain attributes or characteristics. You love spicy food like your grandpa, you laugh like your dad, or you’re double-jointed like your mom. For sure, genetics play a huge role in your personhood, but DNA itself doesn’t determine your future.

Many direct-to-consumer genetics companies promote that their take-at-home kit will predict your future diseases and health. While there certainly can be inherited genetic disorders, genes can be “turned on” and “turned off” over time by environmental factors like food choices, sleep habits, trauma, smoking, exercise, etc. This is called epigenetics:

This is excellent news to most of us: we are born with a set of genetics we can’t change, but through consistent, health-conscious choices, inherited diseases and illnesses don’t have to be in our future.

Epigenetics still has a long way to go, but epigenetics has a huge potential to influence the future of health. Until then, it’s best to avoid direct-to-consumer tests that advertise a peek into your future. And if you have a DNA test completed, it’s critical to have the results interpreted by your doctor or genetic counselor.

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