Genetic Testing Advancement is Outpacing Interpretation

Genetic Testing Advancement is Outpacing Interpretation

The high demand for genetic testing has pushed genetic technology to continue to advance. Beyond simple confirmations of immediate heritage, genetic testing can now look back as far as 10 generations, see the migration patterns of your ancestors, and more. Some companies even claim their specific tests can find the right weight loss program for you. (However, we know this isn’t true.)

But all this additional information is only helpful if you know what to do with it. And unfortunately, even many experts don’t know.

Physicians are increasingly facing the problem that genetic technology has outpaced their ability to interpret information. DNA contains countless pieces of information, but science is still far off from understanding the implications of each gene and mutation.

Take-at-home tests only give you the results, not the interpretation of those results. Participants may find something concerning—like a family member with breast cancer—and take these concerns to their physicians. Unable to accurately interpret genetic test results, many physicians may order unnecessary medical tests for the sole purpose of protecting themselves from possible lawsuits down the road. These additional tests quickly add up to be a financial burden to patients, doctors, and insurance.

At DNA Paternity Testing, you work with a professionally-trained DNA Specialist who will be with you throughout the entire process. We provide clear answers to important questions like parentage and ancestry.

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