How to not be disappointed by your genetic test results

Genetic testing to reveal family secrets, history, parentage, and personal genetic codes has become a huge market. Around 30 million people have participated in genetic testing. In 2018, the number of tests taken surpassed all previous year’s sales—combined! 2019 promises to be a busy and profitable year for genetic testing companies as well.

Despite all the hype of genetic testing, many customers find themselves disappointed in their results.

Genetics is a complicated subject and not nearly as clear-cut as test companies advertise. Simply put, these companies can’t always give the answers they promise. Results come back with no findings for relatives or can provide misleading information.

A prime example of misleading information regards siblings. As Eric Hamilton puts it, “if you have a Chinese ancestor, you may inherit his or her DNA, of which any genetic company will surely inform you. But your brother might not inherit any piece of DNA from your Chinese forefather and will receive a report where will be no mention of his Chinese ancestry.”

You shouldn’t suspect that a sibling was adopted or sired by a different father if genes don’t match. Chances are you simply didn’t inherit the same genes, even though your parents are the same. Further, Hamilton says, “genes are always passed on unequally to further generations.” But if you’re not aware of this, there can be a lot of disappointment and confusion.

So how can you not be disappointed by your genetic test results? First, by having realistic expectations. Science is mind-blowing and always advancing, but that doesn’t mean it has all the answers yet. There’s so much we have yet to discover.

Second, take your results to your physician or genetic counselor. Take-at-home tests in particular don’t provide any analysis; they just give you the results. This leaves you with many missing pieces that your physician or genetic counselor can provide.

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