Long-lost sisters find each other over 8 Decades later

DNA testing often leads to many heart-warming reunion stories. Many times, these are between parent and child. But this special story comes between long-lost sisters finding each other through DNA testing after 80+ years!

Betty McMurray, 89, and Gladys Craig, 87, were born on Prince Edward Island during the Great Depression. Due to such hard times, both sisters were sent to an orphanage and put up for adoption. Betty was adopted at 18 months, and Gladys at 6 months.

From there, Betty and Gladys grew up and lived on opposite sides of New Brunswick but completely unaware of each other’s existence. In 2016, Betty took a DNA test. To her disappointment, there were no matches for close relatives.

But in 2018, Gladys’s family convinced her to take a DNA test that she received for Mother’s Day. After Gladys received her results, things unfolded almost immediately between Gladys and her long-lost sister. The two met shortly after the results and have continued to build a relationship.

Additional information revealed that Betty and Gladys had five more half-siblings, all of whom have passed away.

As Betty so perfectly put it, “It’s almost like a story I’m reading, but it’s me, not just a fiction.”

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