The Results of Ancient DNA

Analyzing ancient DNA has led to some magnificent findings over the years. We’ve learned a great deal about the history of the world through gene analytics. Now, scientists are discovering the immigration patterns of eastern humankind.

The Eastern Eurasia regions contain approximately 2.3 billion people today. That’s 30% of the world’s population! Archaeologists have learned from fossils and artifacts that humans have occupied Southeast Asia for 60,000 years and East Asia for 40,000 years.

Using bones, fossils, and seeds used by ancient farmers, scientists tracked the migration patterns of the Eurasia peoples.

A particularly interesting discovery is that while many Asian peoples look similar, Eurasian people most likely looked distinct. The genetic codes showed a vast diversity in gene pools, meaning that Eurasian people probably didn’t look the way they do today. It’s likely that their variety of genes were expressed in many ways.

Other genetic patterns indicate connections between individuals from ancient Tibetans, Mongolia, and northern China. However, research concludes that DNA common to all present-day East Asians became consistent about 9,000 years ago.

While this discovery may not impact the lay-person (besides updating your ancestry map!), it shows the rapidly-advancing technology that continues to be helpful both for archaeology and present circumstances.

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