What Is a DNA Diet?

You may have heard of the DNA Diet by now, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst dieters, especially if a “tried-and-true” diet is unsuccessful for an individual.

Based on the idea that no two people are the same, the DNA Diet proposes that no two diets should be the same. Hypothetically, if an individual knows their DNA makeup, a physician, dietician, or genetic counselor can help them discover a custom diet that fits their specific genetic code. Watch this video to learn more about how diet affects our genes:

This custom diet would help an individual lose weight and keep it off, build muscle, prevent diseases, and more. Who wouldn’t want those kinds of dietary answers? But is there scientific proof that DNA Diets work?

Although it is a fascinating idea, scientists are still hesitant to recommend DNA Diets. DNA Diets only look at genetic makeup and not at other factors, such as obesity, anorexia, medications, and pre-existing diseases. Eliminating certain foods—or even food groups—based upon DNA results could be detrimental to one’s health.

Further, genes only explain 5 to 10% of diseases such as diabetes. This means DNA Diets aren’t as personalized as they may seem. It is highly recommended to work closely with your physician or dietician when considering dietary changes.

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