What should I do after receiving my DNA results?

You received the results of your DNA test and reviewed all the information. Some findings are intriguing, some clarifying, and some are confusing! Especially if you’ve used a direct-to-consumer test, you might be surprised that no further instructions are included. What should you do now?

First, it’s important to remember that genetic tests, while helpful, don’t have the final say on your health or future. Genes are largely impacted by lifestyle, environment, family history, and other factors. Genetic tests may not take these factors into consideration. Some “flagged” genes may not be a problem, while other problematic genes may go unnoticed.

Carolyn Applegate, a certified genetic counselor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine says, “It’s important to seek the advice of a physician or genetic counselor, regardless of whether your test results were positive or negative.”

Your physician or genetic counselor can take a full family history, talk through concerns, and be able to order more tests if needed. Interpretation is key to fully understanding your genetic test results.

Don’t be falsely assured of good health or immediately alarmed if certain genes are flagged. Take your any concerns to your physician or genetic counselor. Even if you’re pleased with your genetic results, it’s important to keep yearly check-ups with your physician.

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