Home Kit

Our private kit can be taken in the comfort of your own home. This is a very convenient way to have an accurate DNA test performed. The test results of our home kit are equally as accurate as our standard and expedited testing options, although not court admissible. The only reason this option is not legally binding is due to the collection process. There is no way to verify who’s samples were actually collected because the buccal swab collections are not being performed by a neutral 3rd party.

If you are needing results for any legal reason, we recommend you choose either the standard or expedited option. The home kit is for personal knowledge only.

The kit includes

Your package will include everything you need to perform the collection and mail the samples to the testing facility.

• Detailed instructions

• Chain of custody form

• Enough buccal swab supplies for all individuals to be collected

• A pre-paid, pre-addressed overnight FedEx envelope for returning the samples to the testing lab

Identification needed for testing

With this option, there is no identification needed.

How samples are collected

Samples are collected via buccal swab, which is the preferred method of collecting a DNA reference sample. A cotton swab is used to collect saliva from both the left and right cheeks of all individuals participating in the test. The buccal swab is non-invasive and painless for all parties involved. It is much easier to perform on infants and small children and it is equally as accurate as any other type of collection.


We provide results in 2 to 3 business days for paternity/maternity testing and in 3 to 5 business days for relationship testing. Result times do not include the day the samples are mailed. Up to two individuals may choose to receive the documents via mail, email or fax. If you need to have additional copies sent from our office, there will be a fee of $15 per copy.

* The above result times are typical. However, in some cases, additional testing is required due to a particular individuals DNA. While this does not happen often, when it does, results could be delayed several days. This is completely out of our control and has nothing to do with the collection or testing process. A timely result is very important to us; however, an accurate result is the most important.