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  1. 1) We provide the best service with the most accurate results at a price you can afford.
  2. 2) All members of our staff are trained in DNA testing compliance and procedure. We are the most knowledgeable, well-trained in the industry. When you have questions, we have the answers.
  3. 3) You are not just another customer. We genuinely care about your individual situation. Feel confident knowing a professional, compassionate DNA specialist will be with you throughout the entire process.
  4. 4) We will deliver accurate, timely results you can count on. Satisfaction guaranteed!


All of our DNA testing is performed by laboratories holding the following accreditations:


  1. – AABB (American Association of Blood Banks)
  2. – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA)
  3. – College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  4. – State of New York Department of Public Health Licensure
  5. – Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board/FQS

The results of a DNA test affect many lives. With testing this important, do not risk getting inaccurate results. Whether you are trying to establish paternity or any other relationship, be certain you choose an accredited facility.

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Prenatal DNA paternity testing offers a safe and non-invasive way for expectant parents to determine paternity before the birth of their child. By analyzing cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) in the mother's bloodstream, this cutting-edge technology provides conclusive results without posing risks to the mother or fetus. More

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