Brother and Sister Reunited with DNA Test

Sally Laurent was like many people when COVID-19 struck: there were people she still wanted to meet!

Laurent and her older half-sister were both adopted as babies. They were both raised Jewish in their Long Island home, but Laurent always wondered about her biological family. Knowing that it may be now or never, Laurent took a DNA test.

“I discovered there was not one bit of Jewish blood in me, which is okay because I’ve benefited from all of this, you know,” she said.

But more important than her lack of Jewish heritage was that she had a brother–and he also lived on Long Island!

Although Bob Stanco knew he was one of five children, he wasn’t aware of Laurent’s existence. Laurent is the sister he never knew he had.

“I knew I had and brother and a sister, full-blooded, who lived with me growing up. Prior to that, I had no idea anyone until my parents passed away,” Stanco said.

Laurent and Stanco are eager to meet once the pandemic is over. But in the meantime, they are making up for the lost time and getting to know one another through phone calls.

You can watch the heartwarming story in the video below:

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