Can I get a Paternity Test while Pregnant?

One of the most common requests that women have is wanting to know the paternity of their baby before it’s born. There are plenty of great reasons for wanting this:

  • Get rid of the stress of not knowing who the father is without waiting until the baby is born.
  • Wanting to get the legal processes started now, including custody and child support payments.
  • Make sure the right person is there to support you in your pregnancy.

The good news is that YES, you can determine the paternity of the baby before birth! There are three types of tests that DNA Paternity Testing Center can administer to conclusively prove the paternity of the baby.

Cervical Villus Sample (CVS)

This test can be collected starting at 10 weeks into the pregnancy. A small sample of the placenta is taken and the DNA is analyzed. This is considered an “invasive” test because a catheter must be inserted through your cervix to obtain the placenta sample. This is the earliest possible test to determine paternity.

Amniotic Fluid Sample

This is DNA Paternity Testing’s preferred method of establishing paternity before birth. A small amount of amniotic fluid is drawn and tested for paternity. This test can be done anytime between 12-21 weeks of pregnancy. This is classified as another “invasive” test.

Maternal Blood Sample

This is a “non-invasive” test which poses no risk to mother or child. It can be carried out anytime after 12 weeks of pregnancy. A small sample of blood is drawn from you. Since you share a blood supply with your baby, fetal cells are floating freely in your bloodstream. We identify these cells and run a DNA test on them to establish paternity.

If you’re not sure which test is best for you, call us at 866.232.7660 and our compassionate, knowledgeable counselors will make sure you get the best possible test and care.

Before Birth Testing with In-Home Testing Kits

DNA’s In-Home Testing Kits are not designed for paternity testing before the baby is born. If you’d like to know the paternity of your baby while pregnant, please do not purchase one of these kits. Instead, call us at 866.232.7660 and we’ll advise you on the proper DNA Test to order for accurate testing!

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