DNA Tests Can Aid with COVID-19 Testing

One laboratory in Milford, Connecticut, claims they have a DNA test that can accurately determine COVID-19 results.

Dr. Sin Hang Lee with Milford Molecular Diagnostics says there are five strains of coronavirus currently circulating in various parts of the world. But as we now know, these strains could be anywhere and not localized to a region of the world. Strains discovered in the United States were later found in Hong Kong and Spain. This video explains how COVID-19 evolves:

Knowing which strain is affecting each patient is crucial to containing the spread of the virus and treating patients effectively. Some strains are more virulent than others and cause more deaths, but determining which strain a patient has gives them the best chance in fighting the disease.

Lee says there have been countless false negatives for COVID-19, which exacerbates further risk, transmission, and deaths. “False negatives have been reported all over the world in China, Europe, and the United States. And the technology being used is not accurate enough,” said Lee.

Lee’s testing measures takes questionable COVID-19 samples (those that could be false or positive) and obtains the correct result in 24 hours!

Like many other healthcare professionals seeking to aid in the fight against COVID-19, Lee has reached out to the World Health Organization in hopes they will use his testing method for accurate results. His test is currently under review by state officials.

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