How to Protect Your Genetic Information

It’s becoming common knowledge that direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA test kit companies don’t always handle DNA with utmost privacy standards. DNA has been used for multiple scams and is sold to third parties. DTC DNA companies have also faced security breaches in which their databases have been hacked and genetic information leaked.

Is there a way to protect your genetic information? Michael Edge, a qualitative and computational biologist at the University of Southern California, helps us understand the security policies of DTC companies.

  1. If users can upload their own genetic data into a database, the database has a greater chance of being hacked or exploited.
  2. Some platforms reveal which genes potential relatives share and how long those genetic sequences are. These platforms release more of your genetic information than you may have signed up for.
  3. If the platform allows users to search for specific segments, they can acquire more information about your genetics, even if they’re not related to you.

While these are all important considerations when choosing a DTC DNA test company, the best way to maintain your privacy is by using DNA Paternity Testing. With DNA Paternity Testing, you don’t have to worry about security breaches, HIPAA violations, or databases. Your genetic results are safe with you–and safe with us.

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