Kylie Jenner took a Paternity Test for her new Baby Girl. But why?

Kylie Jenner welcomed her beautiful baby girl back in February 2018. But there are still swirling rumors surrounding baby Stormi’s true father. Kylie reportedly is 100% sure that her current boyfriend, Travis Scott, is the father of baby Stormi, but her ex-boyfriend Tyga isn’t quite as convinced.

Apparently there was enough of an overlap between Kylie’s relationships that either of the two men could possibly have been the father. “Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks there’s a chance this baby could be his.” he is reported to have told his friends. “He was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago, when this baby was likely conceived.”

Even though Kylie was strongly against taking a paternity test, because of the persistent rumors that would not go away and the overlapping timelines, she was forced to entertain the possibility that the father of her baby might not be who she thought it was. So she consented to taking a paternity test, but on one condition — that Tyga never talk about it again.

As it turns out, Kylie’s instincts were right. Tyga is not the father of baby Stormi. Honoring their agreement, Tyga posted a cryptic tweet that apologized for starting false rumors, without mentioning names. But it’s likely that his relationship with the Kardashians is ruined for good.

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