Paternity Testing when the Father is Deceased

Crime shows like CSI and NCIS make it seem like you can recover DNA samples from almost anything, for any reason. But many people wonder where television drama stops and reality begins. Can you recover conclusive, accurate DNA and Paternity Testing results when circumstances are not ideal? What about if the Father you want to test is Deceased?

Our Answer: With the Right Samples, we can provide an Accurate Result!

Paternity Testing on a Deceased Father

Our preferred method for collecting DNA samples is the Buccal Swab. It’s a special device that looks like a long Q-Tip, and you brush this against the inside of both cheeks. This collects a large amount of easily verifiable DNA. It’s quick, painless, and incredibly accurate.

But sometimes it’s not that simple, such as when the Father is Deceased. In these cases, we would look to “non-standard” methods of DNA Testing.

You may have other samples of the Father’s DNA, such as his blood, hair, fingernail or toenail clippings, or things of this nature. These are going to be the next best thing to provide a conclusive Paternity Test. If you’re not sure whether an item would be good to test or not, call us at 866.232.7660 and we’ll help you decide.

If none of these samples are available, then the next best option is to test close relatives of the Father. The best people, if available, are the father’s biological parents (your child’s grandparents on the father’s side). Testing both parents will help strengthen the accuracy of the result, but even just one parent would be extremely helpful.

If neither parent is available to test, there are other relatives that may be able to provide a result, but the accuracy decreases the further away the relative is biologically from the father. An Aunt/Uncle test, or a Sibling Test, are also good options to help determine Paternity.

The Largest Accredited Paternity Testing Network

With over 2,000 centers nationwide, we are one of the largest, most affordable, networks of accredited DNA testing labs in the United States. Our price is unbeatable without sacrificing quality. We offer DNA testing for paternity, maternity and all other relationships (grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles). We also offer specialty testing, such as, immigration, deceased individuals, incarcerated individuals, unborn children and more.


  • Sc says:

    My brother is deceased. He died in January. We do not have the same father. Our mother is alive. There is one child that would like to be tested for paternity. Would any of his blood samples still be available if he was in and out of the hospital? How much is the cost?

  • Jacqueline N Farnetti says:

    I am 44 years old. Both of my parents are deceased. Growing up it was sort of a joke. My mother told me she had slept with my alleged Dads cousin. She passed in 09. My alleged Dad would joke I am nothing like him I couldn’t be his. He died April 2018. How could I find out. No grandparents, cousins anything???

    • Janet Hoss says:

      Dad deceased 2005.My son only knew his Dad as a very young toddler.We never married as I was only 16 years old.He was 28.He got scared and denied our son.We were making wedding plans. I already had a son1-2 years of age by my first boyfriend.He now has 2 sisters by his deceased Dad and lady he married and divorced before death.There are $644,000.00in Assets. I feel my son should have his part since He was first and only son!!!

  • John bosco says:

    My father is deceased and there’s now an imposter claiming to have had a child with my late dad of which we never knew.
    How can I know the child is my sister now that my dad is dead ?

    • nate says:

      Hi John, that sounds like a good candidate for Relationship testing. We may be able to provide a definitive match if your dad’s parents are still living (your grandparents on the father’s side), or if he has any siblings. I’d recommend you give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss the details.

  • Stevie says:

    My daughter’s father is deceased. There are no aunts and uncles available. Her only brother as well passed, but he has a son alive. Can her test be done through her nephew?

    • Barbara says:

      I would like an answer to the above. I am in the same situation.

      • nate says:

        Hey Barbara, a nephew would be tricky to establish a match, but there might still be a chance. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

      • Shakela Shields says:

        I would like to take a dna test for my child father which is decease but he has other children that’s her as well he died a month before I had her is is possible to test through them for dna because his mother also is deceased as well she wrote a letter to the social security office stating my child was his but before she pass but no test was takin an his other siblings are not around

        • nate says:

          Siblings of the father are best in your situation, but if they are unavailable, siblings of your child are the next best thing. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Missy says:

    After recently taking a DNA test for ancestry reasons, it was determined I have a half brother. He would like to accomplish a paternity test but my dad died in 2013. I have the shirt my dad had on when he was in the hospital and his glasses. Would it even be possible to use either of them for DNA purposes? He was cremated.

  • Diane says:

    both of my birth certificate parents are deceased, rumor for years I was father by different man. I’m 70 and want to know who I am and family I belong to. Can I get DNA from hospital records from when my recorded father was in hospital and had lots of blood work also where he died ?

    • Wanda Pergram says:

      My son passed away in march there a 6 month old baby girl can we test me and my sons father with baby yo confirm she is his and I so what’s
      the price..

      • nate says:

        Yes, that should be possible. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details and the price.

        • Koebe says:

          I’m 19 years old the person that I think is my father is deaceased but he does have a daughter alive we want to take a sibling test to see if we are siblings or not what’s your advice how we should go about it

          • nate says:

            A test with your sibling sounds like a good plan! Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Rikki Abbott says:

    My brother passed away while his gf was pregnant. both my parents are also deceased. The state has custody of the child. Could my DNA be used to establish paternity. I am female and so is the child female, if it makes a difference


      My brother died the lady he was going with had a baby I am female my brother sister can I have dna to see if this child belongs to my brother.

      • nate says:

        Hi Bonnie, so sorry to hear about your brother’s passing. I think we will be able to help. Please give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we will talk more about your situation.

        • Quanetta says:

          My son is deceased and his girlfriend at the time had a daughter after he passed. She is now eight years old and I am not sure that she is his. I am his mother. Can I have her and I tested to determine paternity?

          • nate says:

            There’s a good chance, yes! Please give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Vanessa Martell-mudrovich says:

    My half brother passed away theres a baby that could be his can I test as a half sibling or how would I determine if child is his

    • nate says:

      We may be able to provide a match through relationship testing. I’d recommend you give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss the details.

    • Judi talbott says:

      My brother passed in 2015, he had a daughter he was going to get a DNA with, but also his newphew, is claiming to be her biological dad? How can we determine who’s the father? She n I took a DNA test, n it came out 93percent, my brother died, but my newphew by my oldest brother is alive, how do we known if that’s my deceased brothers child vs my newphee?

  • Robin Croskrey says:

    My son died and a girl is claiming to have his kid I am the mom can just I do the testing w mother and baby or do I need someone on his fathers side

    • nate says:

      We’re sorry for your loss 🙁 Maternal testing would prove a link between mother and baby, but not the father. If you have any hair, blood, toenail or fingernail clippings of your son, those may still have traces of DNA. Otherwise, we may be able to establish a match with relationship testing. I’d recommend you give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss the details.

  • Abera says:

    My father is died two years ago. My father has 4 children from another woman. They (by brothers) want paternity test to help them know that I am their brother. So how is the test done?

  • Brianna Solomon says:

    My brother passed away January 3rd, he supposedly has a daughter with some girl that is now claiming it’s not his child.. I have samples of his hair that the funeral home gave us, would you be able to use that?

  • link says:

    my mom and uncle are engaged in property tussle. my mother claims that he is not her father’s son though they share the same mother. both father and mother have passed. how can they determine if they share the same father.
    than you

  • Latishia says:

    My brother needs a DNA to gets his dads’ large estate. He has been dead for over 20 years with no relatives. How can my brother prove paternity?

  • Linda Merritt says:

    My son has been deceased now for 10 years n a child was born shes 9 through the court system they have me as her grandmother n refuse to allow a DNA, but I really need to know but I dont have nothing of my son NOTHING, but me n his two female siblings but my son n his sisters dont have the same father, his dad is deceased also can you please help us.

  • Prettii says:

    Hello My daughters dad is deceased for 10 yrs now,his parents are deceased and he do have siblings which all has same mother different fathers. How would I go about doing that?

  • Carl says:

    I’m 43 and have just found out that my dad’s brother (my uncle) may actually be my biological father, problem is both men and my mom have past, I have 3 siblings that are supposed to be biologically my parents, is there a way to find out which man is my father

    • nate says:

      We might be able to help you establish a likely match through Sibling and relative testing. Feel free to give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss the details.

  • Sonia Gonzalez says:

    My dad is deceased, asking with my grandparents, aunt and uncles, the only living relatives are my first cousins, could that determine familial relationship?

    • nate says:

      It’s a long shot, but contact us at 866.944.9546 and we can certainly get your details. No harm in trying!

  • Lynn Davis says:

    Hi, My father passed away 2 years ago and I would like to prove paternity through blood which is being preserved at a local hospital here in Louisiana. My fathers next of kin his sister is willing to sign a consent to release DNA. Where do we go from here?

  • stephanie says:

    Hi My partner died 2017 in my arms at my old address and I have 2 children, my son who is 5years old now and the other( daughter) 2 and a half years old. How can I get a dna test for both my children if there father is no longer here? family want nothing to do with me so can’t do any testing at all. Just want advice on who do I contact thanks Steph

  • Elizabeth Donarence Alfaro says:

    My so called chinese father died a long time ago. My mom claimed that he’s not our real father because our real father is British,Irish,German-Actually, my grandfather, is an American Native. But surprisingly, when my son had his DNA test, it says there 35% Chinese- what does this mean?When I asked my mom she told me she’s not sure if my real father is the Chinese or the American.She’s already 94 years old and until now, she said, it keeps bugging her mind- what’s your opinion about this?

  • Tammy says:

    I recently found my biological fathers family through Ancestry. However my original birth records are sealed, and I was unable to break seal through court order. I have a half sister, and an aunt who still living. Aunt is 93 and very fearful of dna testing. Would my sister or cousin be a good candidate to confirm paternity? Or can I use hair from her hairbrush?

    • nate says:

      The more relatives dna you can gather, the better your chances of a definitive match. With your aunt and half-sister together the chances are good, and we should be able to gather DNA off of hair follicles with the root still attached. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Jamie Foster says:

    My father has been deceased for years, i only met him one time as my mother gave me away when i was a baby. Is there any way to find out DNA if I do not know any of his family.

    • nate says:

      If you know any of his brothers and sisters (your aunts or uncles), or his parents (your grandparents), we might be able to establish a connection. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Hopeful says:

    My granddaughters “dad” passed away 2.5 years ago. The question of whom the father was never was answered. Is it possible for her, her sister and possibly mother (she is a drug addict living on the streets. I have no knowledge of her whereabouts) or just the girls to establish paternity? His parents are denying the oldest and refuse to be part.

  • Tania says:

    My mom passed 10 years ago and so did the man she says was my biological father. he didn’t have any family. How can I find out if he was in fact my father

  • Laura says:

    My father is dead. All his siblings are dead but one younger sister. They look nothing alike. He was 6’3” and she’s 5’5”. He was dark hair and eyes and she’s light hair and eyes. What are the odds of this being a good match?

  • Abimbola says:

    My father is late about 20 years ago… I would need a dna test to confirm if throughly he was my father… Can i do the dna test with his half brother from Same father and get a proper result please… Very urgent and important

    • nate says:

      Yes, you have a pretty good chance of getting a result that way. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Tonya says:

    I’m unsure of who my biological father is. I was told he was my mom’s cousins father. He is now deceased. How can I find the truth. His daughter will send me a strand of her hair, will that work?

  • patty jeffy says:

    my daughter is 6 and neither man want to take dna but my first son is from the first man would that be an option1 to test son and daughter?

    • nate says:

      Yes, you have a pretty good chance of getting a result that way. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Patrice says:

    Hello: I am actually looking to find my father whom I was told was deceased I’m not sure how true it is. I was also told that I have other siblings who I have never met. Is there any way you can take my DNA and search and help me find them?

    • nate says:

      As more people take DNA tests, the total searchable database grows. There might be a way to take your own DNA and compare it to others in the database. Give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details.

  • Danielle says:

    My children’s father is deceased but there’s a female claiming he’s her kids father also, the issue is his mother my children grandmother isn’t trying to make effort on taking a paternity for her kids because she strongly feel their not her grandkids now my question is outta the kindness of my heart can I take one of my children that are biologically his by dna an do a paternity with her to find out if their siblings?

  • Linzy Mundy says:

    My unborn child father past away about a month ago and his family wants DNA done to know for sure that this baby is his 100%, I’m a little confused because I don’t know how? I’m 22 weeks pregnant, but his blood sample is dry from the blood when he past away in the bed, and his toothbrush I dont know how because after he used it he washed it off I dont know how I would get his sample ? Any input for me ? Or answers, his dad is in prison no way for him to help either.

  • Mary-Jo says:

    My father is deceased .
    I did dna testing taking blood samples with my half sister where we share the same father but not the same mother .
    I then took my fathers brothers dna and his sisters but I keep getting that the results are not inclusive but we are related rather than not .
    So how is one suppose to gain their dna if not even blood samples are accurate ?
    What more can I do as I need to sort my life and have accurate results .
    Not a small percentage that doesn’t help me, blood work was done at lancet laboratories .
    For my half sister and uncle .
    Then my aunty lives in portugal and her test was not accepted because it’s not from the same lab .
    Now what can I do kindly advise .

  • kenite rashell nix says:

    my child father passed away march 13th i had my baby April 14th we also have a one year old together can i get her tested the grandmother don’t wanna do the test because she mad and the grandfather passed away.. i also have his tooth brush and his razor it has his hair on it, he has half sisters too..

    • nate says:

      That sounds like a possibility. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we’ll discuss the details and what can be done.

  • Olivia says:

    My brother passed away over 2 years ago. There is a woman claiming to have his son, how can I get a dna test to see if he really is my nephew?

  • Sheila Lake says:

    Hey my boyfriend just passed away and he didn’t wanna take a DNA test cause he knew he was the father . So now his family wants a DNA test if not my child will be left out of everything how do I get a dna test as soon as possible before it’s to late

  • Patricia says:

    My birth certificate says Father as unknown. Well when me and my sisters got older we found our dads family and found out he had passed away, but we are in touch with the rest of the family ever there a way to proof he was our father and have the birth certificate changed?

    • nate says:

      It may be difficult to establish paternity if your father has passed away and you have no samples of his that contain his DNA (like hair from a hairbrush or fingernail clippings or something like that). However the state may not require DNA paternity to change the birth certificate. You should call your state health department and obtain the requirements for changing your birth certificate.

  • Timothy Strong says:

    My husband father is deceased and we need to do a DNA on him in court. We live in Mississippi and a hospital has his blood on file.

  • Danielle says:

    Hello I have done a dna test but wanted to know how I go about finding my father I never knew him or his family is there anyway I could still carry some of his dna

    • nate says:

      Hi Danielle, it’s difficult to find your father if you don’t even know who he is. Sometimes you can get lucky, like if you and your father both happen to get your DNA sequenced for ancestry or family tree matching, and they notice you two are a close match. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Elizabeth J Bryant says:

    one brother looks so much different than the other two, I’m 1000% certain who the father is, but he is deceased, so are his parents. Can the doubter son be tested with his two brothers to prove they have the same father? We have cut hair from dad, but no roots. Dad has 2 brothers still alive as well.

    • nate says:

      Hi Elizabeth, I think you have a pretty good chance of a match! Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Rocio Jaramillo says:

    Hello I’m 34years old both my parents passed away in Mexico when I was 9 or 10 years of age. I did the ancestry and found 10,000+ of cousins that I don’t even know except for 1 that don’t even know it’s me. Is there a way I can know my ancestors?
    Thank you
    Rocio Jaramillo

    • nate says:

      Hi Rocio, it’s hard to say for sure without knowing more details. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Brandi L Ashdown says:

    So I barely got to know my daughters father before getting pregnant with her but I know he’s her dad 100% and I know his father just passed recently and his mother would not cooperate with me I also know he has 2 other children with another women so what can I do to prove he is her father without bothering his mother

    • nate says:

      Hi Brandi, I’m sorry for your loss. It seems like there are more than enough half-siblings on both your children and their father’s side to establish a likely match. Please call us at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Brandi says:

    …also besides my daughters father having 2 kids with another women he has 2 half siblings a brother and sister they don’t have the same father as he does which like I said his father just recently passed away

  • Shronda Folk says:

    Hi my dad died in 1999 and my brother and I have the same dad but I dont look like him and my brother could be his twin. He has one living sister still living will it be possible to get a match from her?

  • Gordon Nagle says:

    My father died in 1987 he was adopted and never new his parents or if he had siblings. I have two of his hats, could they be tested for DNA?

    • nate says:

      Hi Gordon!
      We would need something very specific from the hats — one or more hairs, WITH THE ROOT (because that’s the part we will be testing for DNA). If those aren’t on his hats, then I’m afraid chances are slim. Please give us a call at 866.944.9546 and we can discuss your options.

  • Ash says:

    So my dad died before I was born I dont know his family or anything is there anyway to find out if he was my dad if I have non of his family to test?

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