Son Finds Father Through DNA Test

Jason Campbell of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, grew up in Worcester under difficult circumstances. He never knew his father, and his father, Mark Goujon, didn’t know of Jason’s existence.

Jason’s search for his father happened when he was a teenager. The biggest breakthrough in his search came when he took a DNA test.

Goujon’s brother also took a DNA test, linking Jason to his uncle and enabling him to find his father.

This past November was the first time Jason and Mark were able to meet in a special surprise reunion organized by Jason’s wife, Jen. Finally, Jason’s 42-year search for his biological father is finished.

“I come down the stairs and I could see two people up there and I see my dad and I just embrace him, gave him a big hug. It felt so good to put your arms around your dad and to know he loves you and you love him,” Jason said.

Since they found each other, Jason and Mark have been spending a lot of time catching up. They both feel fortunate and thankful to have found each other. Jason also has a half brother, and Mark has learned he’s a grandfather of two.

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