Woman Gives Proof She is the Missing Virginia Girl, 21 Years Later

21 year ago, a 7-year-old girl named Brittany Renee Williams from Virginia vanished from her group foster home. She was being treated for AIDS and lived with Kim Parker who ran the group foster home.

A desperate police search began for Williams, who couldn’t survive without her AIDS medication. But after she couldn’t be found, Williams was pronounced dead, given her medical condition.

However, new evidence has been uncovered that Williams is alive and thriving. Williams was adopted and given the name Kaylynn Stevenson and lived most of her life in Ohio. She began researching her family history, trying to make sense of a spotty childhood memory.

Stevenson had many identifying marks on her body, such as surgical scars, catheters, and feeding tube scars that matched the description of Williams’ missing person flyers.

But Stevenson got no answers from her adoptive parents and has still not obtained the legal adoption papers. Additionally, Stevenson doesn’t have AIDS. It was all a facade put on by Parker to be given more grant money.

Stevenson was able to connect with Anastasia McElroy, the first daughter of Williams’ biological mother, Rose Marie Thompson. The resemblance is uncanny. But the two fought for more than facial resemblance and wasted no time getting DNA tests. They have a 95% match of being half-sisters.

Stevenson has now retired her adoptive name and goes by Brittany Renee Williams. She continues to live with her wife and biological daughter in Indiana, putting together the pieces of her past and looking forward to a bright future.

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