Brothers united after 20 years through DNA testing

There are countless heart-warming stories of relatives united after years of searching for one another through DNA testing. The story of Kieron Graham is no different.

Born in 1997, Graham was put up for adoption at 3 months old. Graham was adopted into a loving family, and he grew up always knowing that he had an older brother. His birth records showed the older brother was named Vincent, but gave no last name.

Then for Christmas in 2017, Graham and his three other siblings–also adopted–received DNA test kits. A simple saliva sample revealed Graham had many relatives who had also taken the test, including the most important relative he was looking for.

Vincent Ghant was listed as a “close relative” according to the results. Using Facebook, Graham was able to connect with Ghant and confirm that they were, in fact, long lost brothers. As details unfolded, both brothers were stunned to learn they lived about 20 minutes away from each other, attended the same university, and pursued identical major and minors.

“We were like, What are the odds we’re separated our entire lives and then end up at the same school with the same interests?” says Graham.

After meeting at a local tea shop, Graham was able to meet Ghant’s wife and daughter and speak with his biological mother on the phone. The brothers continue to build their bond, something they are both excited to pursue for the rest of their lives.

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