Can a DNA test help me lose weight?

The DNA tests of the future claim to go beyond simply identifying our ancestral background or where they migrated from. The next big trend in DNA tests claim to determine your specific genetic code for rapid weight loss.

A recent CNN report highlighted several DNA tests claiming to discover the key to an individual’s weight loss breakthrough. Do you benefit more from diet or exercise? Do you lose more weight eating low-carb or low-fat? They answer, they say, is in your DNA.

It’s no wonder that this grabs the attention of millions of Americans. With countless diseases stealing the health of adults and children alike, combined with our desire for instant gratification, a DNA test that reveals the secrets to speedy weight loss sounds like a worthy investment.

But is it too good to be true?

In short, yes.

Genes and DNA are incredibly complex and contain countless forms of information about each individual. While there may be potential for this in the future, science is not there yet.

Nutrition researcher Christopher Gardner led the DIETFITS trial to determine a certain combination of genes would control whether people lost more weight on a low-carb or a low-fat diet. But the study concluded that the subjects’ genetic profiles were not associated with their chances of successful weight loss.

For now, it looks like the old-fashioned nutrition, diet, and exercise are still the answer to weight loss. Don’t waste your money on DNA tests promising weight loss, because it most likely won’t change your results!

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