Can DNA Predict Your Relationship Quality?

Is it possible that your genetic makeup has something to do with your relationship quality? If you’ve struggled to maintain lasting, healthy relationships or find yourself still single, you may wonder if something outside your control is the cause.

According to a 2014 study, certain variants of the gene CD38 enable you to have higher rates of gratitude. Scientists call this the “behavioral and psychological ‘glue’ to bind individuals closer together.”

Another recent study conducted at the University of Arkansas followed up on this study. Taking the saliva of 142 newlyweds three months after marriage, they examined the same gratitude gene variant to see if there was a correlation between DNA and satisfaction in the first years of marriage.

There are two variants of the CD38 gene: CC variant or the AC/AA variant. The study concluded that people with the CC variant (and had higher levels of gratitude) were “more likely to report higher trust in their partner, more likely to forgive their partner, and more satisfied in their marriages than people with the AC/AA variant.”

Obviously, there are many factors in relationships that extend beyond genetics, so one shouldn’t blame their genetics for relationship struggles. Additionally, individuals with the AC/AA variant of the CD38 gene (less prone to gratitude) can learn and overcome this genetic factor!

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