The False Assurance or Fear of Take-at-Home Tests

Many people use take-at-home DNA kits to determine their ancestral heritage, locate long-lost family members, an ideal diet plan, or predict possible future diseases.

However, these take-at-home tests can have unintended consequences.

About four years ago, Sara Altschule received a 23AndMe kit as a holiday gift. “I, unfortunately, got my test results back which did show that I carry the BRCA2 mutation, which increases my risk of developing breast cancer by quite a bit, and ovarian cancer,” Altschule said.

Altschule underwent a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction as a result of her DNA test. Although Altschule is grateful for the test, she cautions that a positive result can burden family members that they also might carry the mutation.

Take-at-home DNA kits can give a false sense of fear or assurance depending on your results. If you receive favorable results, you might be inclined to slack on healthy practices such as eating right and exercising. If you receive troubling results, you may be inclined towards fear and anxiety anticipating a disease for yourself or your family.

Regardless of your results, it’s best to consult a genetic counselor to confirm your results. It’s also important to continue healthy practices for optimal health and not worry about the future. No one’s future is locked in; your genes express themselves differently depending on nutrition, exercise, stress, and more!

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