DNA Changes Increase Cancer Susceptibility

As science continues to evolve, there have been clues about genetic changes and susceptibility to cancer.

Now, a research team at the Sloan Kettering Institute has found evidence of a change in human DNA after diverging from other primates that make humans more likely to develop cancerous tumors.

The team published their paper in Cell ReportsĀ where they compared human DNA with non-human DNA.

The research team found a small difference in the BRCA2 gene, which is a factor in tumor suppression. BRCA2 gene helps code for DNA repair. Scientists believe this change occurred after humans diverged from other primates.

The findings of the study confirm prior research that humans with a certain BRCA2 variant are more likely to develop tumors, especially breast and ovarian tumors.

Another interesting finding is that women with BRCA2 have increased fertility rates. While these women have the blessing of fertility, they are also more susceptible to cancer.

With every new genetic study, scientists are getting closer to discovering the correlations between DNA and health conditions. However, science is simply not there yet. In the meantime, genetic testing for parentage and ancestry is accurate and reliable.

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