Woman Reunited With Half-Siblings

For many adopted individuals, DNA testing sheds light on their family history and brings about beautiful reunification. This is the case for Melissa Turnpaugh.

Turnpaugh was adopted as an infant after her mother passed away. She had never met her father. Turnpaugh’s adopted mother gave her vague details about her biological mother but never gave Turnpaugh enough information to locate any living relatives.

With the popularity of take-at-home tests, Turnpaugh set out to find her biological father. She signed up for 23andMe in 2018. A few months later, the results led her to a half-brother whom she never knew she had.

“I ended up going on Facebook and found a guy who looked a spitting image like my mother, and I was like ‘Oh my word this has to be him because there’s no way that you look that much like her and [are not] related,” said Turnpaugh.

She flew to Florida to meet her half-brother, Michael, but her story wasn’t finished.

A year later, 23andMe revealed another result. This time to a cousin, who was able to connect Turnpaugh with her dad’s sister, Diane. This connection led to Turnpaugh’s learning that her father died in 2001 from pulmonary disease.

In 2020, Turnpaugh connected with her half-sister, who was 30 years older than her. The siblings were finally able to be all together this past Christmas.

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