DNA Helping Solve Cold Cases in Greenville

For decades, Greenville police have made no progress over three cold cases:

  • A days-old infant found inside a vacuum box and left in an abandoned field.
  • A widow repeatedly stabbed in the kitchen of her grand Tudor home.
  • A recent divorcee, beaten, strangled, and found dead in her bathtub.

The tragic stories had seen no new evidence until 2017.

In April, the department’s Cold Case Unit obtained a DNA profile from one of the victim’s vehicles. Detectives uploaded the profile into an FBI database to look for potential matches. While there weren’t initially any matches, a match finally came in late 2017 of a registered sex offender living in Americus, Georgia.

The suspect, Brian Munns, was interviewed in December 2017 and detectives obtained saliva samples and further confirm a DNA match. Munns awaits his trial where he is charged with murder, armed robbery, and possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

DNA testing also assisted in revealing the murderers of the two cases. One took his own life in 1999. The other was Brook Graham, the mother of the infant found in the abandoned field.

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