Is My DNA Safe?

There are many reasons why you should be careful with how and where you submit your DNA results:

Incomplete Regulations

Currently, the regulations regarding how DNA is stored or transferred are incomplete. With dozens of loopholes, companies can make a profit off your purchasing their take-at-home kits and repeatedly in the future by selling your genetic information to drug companies or other industries.

Data Accessed Without Your Consent

In several instances, take-at-home DNA kit companies have allowed police to access their databases for the purpose of forensics. However, this is a breach of privacy, especially if consumers did not sign an agreement.

In Europe, your data can be shared without your consent for scientific research that’s in the best interest of the public. The data is anonymized–free of personal information such as your name and contact information. The same is true in the United States where test results can be shared if they’re anonymized.

No Such Thing as “Anonymous” DNA Information

It may seem harmless to allow your genetic information to be used–as long as it’s anonymous. However, your genetic information is directly linked to you; it cannot be changed. Research has confirmed that it’s possible to discover the identities of anonymous people using the information from their DNA and publicly available information.

You Can’t Retract Later

Once you’ve submitted your genetic information, you can’t change your mind later. Your genetic information is out there indefinitely, to be sold and/or used by whoever has it. While it may seem innocent to spit in a tube to discover your heritage, it may be a high price to pay later.

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