Long-Lost Brother and Sister Find Each Other

David Jones had always known he was adopted. His adoptive parents were supportive of David discovering his biological parents. He took a DNA test and located his biological father. But when they met, David’s father had another surprise.

In the first conversation the two had, David’s father revealed that David also had a sister, born in June 1986 at Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg.

When David’s story with his father aired on ABC Action News and shared about his missing sister, dozens of women began contacting him. But none of them matched as his sister.

Kara Bailey also had always known she was adopted, and with the support of her parents, she recently took a 23&Me test and got the results back early.

David Jones was a match, and Kara emailed David to introduce herself. It was a match on David’s results, too.

The two talked on the phone and have shared dozens of phone calls, and finally met the day after Thanksgiving.

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