Should You Buy a DNA Kit for Christmas?

For years, take-at-home DNA kits have been all the craze for Christmas presents. It’s simple and unique, plus, who doesn’t have an itch to know their ancestry?

But the once-booming DNA market is now dwindling. More than 26 million people have taken an ancestry test, and most of these consumers won’t take subsequent tests. This has DNA kit companies scrambling to save their businesses, and they have come up with a cunning solution. Now, many of these companies offer a spin off the basic DNA kit where customers can learn their predicted future diseases, their ideal diet, and more.

However, we know that these tests aren’t as accurate as advertisements promise. Plus, take-at-home tests are notorious for being used in scams, information being stolen through the mail, information sold from databases, or incorrect results sent to the consumer.

Many experts are cautioning consumers to not reveal their DNA through take-at-home tests.

Even though many take-at-home DNA kits are on sale for the season, wisdom would advise not indulging the desire to learn your ancestry through a take-at-home test. Nor is it the best gift to give your family and friends.

If you need to know answers to your DNA questions, it’s best to submit your DNA through your doctor or a trusted source like DNA Paternity Testing.

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