Long-Lost Siblings Reunited

When Jane Anderson Holmes finally found her long-lost biological family after 40 years of searching, the coronavirus pandemic couldn’t keep them apart!

Holmes is the first-born child of Nancy Stephens, who was 17 years old when she had Holmes and chose to place her first daughter for adoption in Florida.

Holmes grew up in Florida and Danbury with her adopted brother. She always knew she was adopted, but never pursued knowing her biological family until she reached college.

“The older I got, the more curious I got, and the more longing I had in my heart to know who I was and where I came from,” she said. “Did I have siblings? Was my mother still alive?”

In the pre-internet age, Holmes had little information to go on. She even hired a private investigator who failed in locating the family. But little did Holmes know that her family was looking for her, too.

Stephens gave birth to Tim Cutler two years after Holmes, along with a brother, David Cutler, two years after that. Stephens kept both the boys.

In 1964, Stephens had another boy named George, and two years later, had another girl named Kelly. However, both of these children were placed for adoption. Lastly, Stephens birthed her youngest, Kim, and raised her with Tim and David.

Stephens always wished to know that “all her children” were happy. Tim, David, and Kim began to seek out the family members they knew they had but could not locate.

In late July, Holmes was matched with a first cousin, who was David’s daughter. The family immediately moved to navigate the COVID-19 restrictions and spent Labor Day weekend catching up on a lifetime of stories.

George and Kelly are yet to be found and reunited with the family, but now Holmes can accomplish this with her three siblings.

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