DNA Helps Man Reunite With Nine Siblings

A typical reunification story usually involves an individual finding a parent or a couple of siblings. But this story is exponentially bigger and more fun!

Duane Weaver grew up in Mankato, Minnesota with a younger brother and older half-brother. Weaver wasn’t aware that he had been adopted.

“Growing up I really didn’t have a clue,” he said.

The world as Weaver knew it changed about 15 years ago when he received a call from an adoption agency informing him that he might have another biological sibling who had been adopted and if he would like contact information.

Weaver agreed and met his first sister, whom his mother had as a teenager and put up for adoption. The adoption agency also said that he had other siblings that had been adopted, but for years, Weaver didn’t have any leads on his other siblings.

Then last year, Genna Batycki reached out to Weaver because she had sent her DNA to the 23andMe and learned she and Weaver shared some relatives. Weaver sent in his own DNA and learned he and Batycki’s father, Chuck Roseberry, were half brothers.

The 23andMe report also revealed Weaver had another half-sibling, however, he has not been able to contact her and he is not sure if she is still living.

Finally, Weaver was able to determine his biological father, Earl Kleist, had six other children. So far, Weaver has met or talked to two of those new siblings. Between his mother and father, in total, Weaver discovered nine new siblings in total!

With the pandemic, Weaver is cautious to not pressure families into reunification if they’re not interested in welcoming them into their lives at this time.

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