DNA Tests for Dogs

DNA technology is always expanding, and now it has expanded to your favorite furry pets. That’s right, if you enjoyed the thrill of uncovering your ancestry, you can experience the same excitement from learning your dog’s ancestry, as well.

Similar to human take-at-home tests, simply swab the inside of your dog’s cheek and sending it to be analyzed. The most prestigious dog DNA kit companies give you an analysis of breed and genetic health risks.

Dog DNA databases have skyrocketed in the last decade. One direct-to-consumer company, Wisdom Panel, has tested the DNA of over 2.5 million pets since its launch in 2007.

Each dog has their own personality traits and quirks. These are some of the things we love most about our pets. But DNA testing can give you greater insight into these traits. For instance, certain behavioral tendencies can be attributed to a certain breed.

Most importantly, dog DNA kits give us the information we need to help our dogs live their happiest, healthiest lives. With the genetic information, you can know what to expect as your dog ages and what can make them the most comfortable and happy.

While DNA Paternity Testing doesn’t provide dog DNA kits, we do provide┬árock-solid answers to important questions like parentage and ancestry. With over 2,000 centers nationwide, DNA Paternity Testing Centers is one of the largest, most affordable, networks of accredited DNA testing labs in the United States. Our price is unbeatable without sacrificing quality. We offer DNA testing for paternity, maternity and all other relationships (grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles).

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