DNA Kits on Sale – Are They Worth It?

Holidays are an excellent time for direct-to-consumer companies to market their DNA kits, and Father’s Day is no exception. If you’re shopping around for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, you might notice that certain sites are selling 23andMe and Ancestry DNA take-at-home kits for a discounted price. Is this the personal and memorable Father’s Day gift you’ve been looking for?

Unfortunately, direct-to-consumer DNA kits are riddled with problems and may not be the best gift for your father.

For starters, you relinquish the privacy of your DNA when you submit your test tube. When you use a direct-to-consumer company, your DNA is stored in a massive database. This DNA can be sold to pharmaceutical or other healthcare companies and can be accessed by police for forensic purposes.

Additionally, take-at-home tests are notorious for being used in scams, information being stolen through the mail, or incorrect results sent to the consumer.

Finally, direct-to-consumer kits often boast of answers they can’t provide. Many popular kits advertise they can predict future diseases or determine your ideal weight loss diet. While these kits might provide some clues to your health, they shouldn’t be used in place of your doctor’s wisdom.

If you need to know answers to your DNA questions, it’s best to submit your DNA through your doctor or a trusted source like DNA Paternity Testing.

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