Woman Reunited With Parents After 50 Years

Here’s another heartwarming story of reunification from genetic testing, but this one has a special twist!

Laura Mabry of Springdale, Arkansas, was adopted in 1968 by Wayne and Darline Montgomery. 52 years later, she decided to find her biological parents through genetic testing.

Mabry took a DNA test in 2019 and was able to locate her mother, Donna Horn. “We started communicating by text and email,” Mabry told World News Tonight. “She said, ‘Are you interested in knowing who your father is?’ I was like ‘Of course I am!'”

Horn explained that Mabry’s father was Joe Cougill. They were high school sweethearts; Cougill a basketball player and Horn a cheerleader. When Horn got pregnant, they decided on adoption.

Mabry was able to find Cougill and put the high school sweethearts in touch again!

“I gave him her phone number, and they started to talk immediately, and they just immediately bonded because, you know, he was divorced and her husband had passed away,” Mabry said. “So they were both single. And they immediately started talking, and I mean that was just that.”

In May 2020, 50 years after the two were separated, Horn and Cougill were married.

“This has fulfilled something in my life that even I didn’t realize I needed so much,” Mabry said.

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