DNA Test unites Daughter and Father after 46 Years Apart

DNA Ancestry Tests can help shed light on past family history that you didn’t know about. But it’s not every day that it can also illuminate still-living relatives that you never knew existed!

Ancestral DNA Testing can Lead to Surprising Results

That was the case for one woman, 46 year old Adriana Brown. She was adopted at birth, and submitted a DNA test just trying to learn more about her family background. But by sheer coincidence, just two weeks after she sent hers in, her father also took a test with the same company, also just curious about his background. The company was able to identify a definitive match between the two.

“It said Bob Rodger, relationship parent/child,” Adriana said. “Yeah, so I sat at my kitchen counter in tears.” When she emailed her father about the DNA match, he was skeptical until she told him her birth mother’s name. Then he recalled a brief tryst, and now Father and Daughter have kindled a relationship thought lost.

“She’s beautiful,” said Bob, “just beautiful and I’m so proud of her.”

“This is the first time in my life I look and act like someone, and that’s pretty special,” said Adriana. “I feel like I found my people. They just seem like me, they act like me, they’re saying and doing the things that I would like to do for someone.”

DNA Testing can provide scientific matches to relationships once impossible to determine. All over the world, people are discovering siblings they never realized they had, or even the true paternity of their children.

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