Before you take that Generic DNA Test, Consider your Privacy

At DNA Paternity Testing, your privacy is our first priority. But recently there’s been an explosion in online and generic DNA Testing, and not all of these companies are reputable. We’ve already shown how some companies have gotten fooled by Dog DNA — Twice — and now others aren’t safeguarding your genealogical data.

Not all Companies Safeguard your Genealogical Data

This is because in today’s digital world, personal data is king. And what could be more personal than your detailed, one-of-a-kind genetic profile? While the straighforward purpose of most DNA Testing companies is help the consumer understand their genetic makeup, many of these companies are actually false fronts. Their REAL purpose is to use your genetic information for internal research, product development, or to sell to other companies.

What are they using this information for? Genetic information can be used to determine premiums for life, disability and long-term care insurance. They can use it to predict what medicines you might buy. California officials were even able to use DNA Ancestry tests to catch the Golden State Killer. And breach or theft of this information could lead to a lifetime of identity fraud, as your unique genetic profile could be used on current or future biometric technology.

Regulations on this new and very sensitive form of data privacy has struggled to keep pace with the exploding industry. Right now, companies are only allowed to sell genetic data in anonymized or aggregated form. But by its very nature, DNA data is extremely difficult, or impossible, to anonymize. Unless you’re an identical twin, your DNA is the only one like it in the entire world, meaning that it can be traced back to you regardless of whether it’s packaged with many others or not. The regulations don’t take this into account and thus leaves a massive privacy gap.

Important Questions to Ask

Because of lackluster regulations, it’s up to the consumer to check that the DNA company has adaquate protection. Here’s some quick things to check for, or questions to ask a prospective company:

  1. Does the company retain genetic information after processing a sample, or do they delete it immediately?
  2. If immediate deletion is not the policy, can you request that it be deleted later?
  3. With whom is the company sharing aggregate genetic data and how can it ensure it remains de-identified?
  4. What is the company’s policy on law enforcement access to customer data?

This is not something to play around with. Getting your credit card numbers or even your social security number stolen is a serious form of identity theft. But those numbers can be regenerated, and your identity protected. Your DNA profile cannot be changed, and will never change, so getting this information into the wrong hands could be catastrophic. Keep this consideration in mind when browsing for DNA Companies to send samples to.

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