Do Doggie DNA Tests Really Work?

As easy, affordable DNA Tests explode in popularity across the world, some companies are opening up some more lighthearted product lines.

We here at DNA Paternity Testing Centers do not yet offer Doggie DNA Tests, but we thought we’d report on this amusing topic nonetheless!

The Science of Pattern and Elimination - Not just for Humans!

Now first of all, nobody is offering actual paternity tests for dogs right now. Instead, the DNA Tests are designed to pick out what breeding lines make up your dog’s genetics, and warn you as the owner about any genetic mutations or canine health issues that may pop up down the line. Most people get the DNA test just out of curiosity.

But does it actually work? If you pick the right company, surprisingly yes it does! Furthermore, DNA Tests reveal that shelters often label dogs with the wrong breeds. In fact, when one DNA Testing Team compared their results with the labels on the shelter, they found that the staff had correctly labeled the dog’s primary or secondary breed just 67% of the time.

These mistakes could wind up misleading pet owners, who often carefully choose dogs based on the breeds labeled on its cage.

Experts do caution against making life-or-death decisions about your pup’s health based purely on the DNA Testing. For example, one family found out their aging pup carried a genetic mutation that could lead to a neurodegenerative disease. Convinced their dog would suffer paralysis and eventual death, they had him put to sleep. But veterinarians said there was only a chance he would have gotten the disease, it wasn’t a for-sure thing.

So while you should feel free to discover exactly what breeds make up your loveable mutt, don’t use those findings to make medical decisions for your pet, at least not without consulting a veterinarian first!

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