Senator Warren releases personal DNA information

President Trump has a long history of calling Senator and frequent critic Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas,” referring to Warren’s claim that she has a Native American heritage. He even offered one million dollars to charity if Warren correctly proved her heritage through DNA testing, probably thinking she wouldn’t do it.

Well, she did.

And the results are in! The report shows strong evidence that in the midst of a predominately European ancestry, Warren had a Native American relative 6-10 generations ago.  Trump has yet to send the one million dollar check to Warren’s charity of choice.

DNA testing has grown exponentially in the past decades. We were once only able to reach back four or five generations, or had to refer to the family tree hand written on the front pages of an old book. The success of Warren’s DNA testing shows the incredible advances in technology to reach back 6-10 generations. These exciting, new, and ever-expanding developments in DNA testing and databases provide extensive information we never knew about our history.

Not only is distant history more easily accessible, but so are a network of current relatives. In fact, new studies show that relatives of third cousin or closer are becoming easier to determine. An in-depth family history is only a test away from discovery!

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