Emerging Technology to Secure DNA

It’s a growing problem: the security of our DNA information. Who has access to it, and under what circumstances? Is your information sold? Can you have your information deleted? What will happen to your information in the future? Watch this video to learn more about poor security of DNA tests:

As the years have gone on, more people have become wary of the security measures used to protect their DNA and the scams associated with mailing their collected DNA. Direct-to-consumer test companies like Ancestry.com and 23andMe have especially felt the effects of consumer uneasiness through declining sales.

But engineers at Duke University have developed at DNA “barcoding” system that ensures swabbed DNA material is not swapped or tampered with on the way to the laboratory. While this doesn’t affect how information is stored and accessed, it is a step in the right direction towards better DNA security.

But with DNA Paternity Testing, we use extreme measures to keep your medical information secure. We train all our staff on all HIPAA compliance policies and ensuring that all tests and counseling remain confidential.  We never sell or release your information except if needed to comply with HIPAA standards. Your results are safe with us!

DNA Paternity Testing provides rock-solid answers to important questions like parentage and ancestry. With over 2,000 centers nationwide, DNA Paternity Testing Centers is one of the largest, most affordable, networks of accredited DNA testing labs in the United States. Our price is unbeatable without sacrificing quality. We offer DNA testing for paternity, maternity and all other relationships (grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles).

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