GEDmatch Announces Security Breach

Many concerns have been raised over the security of stored DNA information. Consumers want to know who has access to their genetic information and under what circumstances, whether their information is sold, and to whom, and what laws protect their genetic information. The following video gives an overview of current laws in place to protect genetic information:

There isn’t much assurance or explanation of privacy given by direct-to-consumer companies. Even worse, GEDmatch confirmed they had two security breaches in July.

GEDmatch changed its privacy policy, allowing users to opt-in to their DNA being used for police searches. However, users reported that their settings had been changed without their permission; all profiles could be searched by police.

GEDmatch took the site down to fix the security breach but is now up and running again. However, this is not the first time a direct-to-consumer company has been hacked, and it won’t be the last. Dare you trust a direct-to-consumer company with your personal genetic information?

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