Father and Daughter Reunited

Like many children, Tyree Beecham grew up in a single-parent household, but she never pushed her mother to talk about her father. Most of Tyree’s friends came from single-parent households, as well, so she never felt out of place.

When Tyree decided to take a 23andMe test, she was shocked to gain four new men in her life: three half brothers and her father. And–they only lived 25 miles away!

“It was unbelievable,” Tyree said. “I was a believer and I prayed beforehand, but I didn’t even care who he was as a person. I was just excited to meet him and spend some time with him. I was just happy to know him because I went 27 years without knowing him.”

First, Tyree found her half-brother, Eric, on social media. Surprisingly, Eric had taken a 23andMe test just three years ago and discovered that Maurice Gatling was his father. Eric immediately called Maurice, who thought he was joking.

“I never thought in my 52 years that I would have a daughter,” said Maurice. “She just came out of nowhere. I always wanted a daughter and now I’m a really proud dad. I feel like I’m dreaming or something. It’s amazing. I still can’t believe it. I’m speechless.”

A few days later, Tyree met Eric and Maurice in an auto parts parking lot.

“He was excited to talk to me and that made me feel good,” Tyree said of her father. “He said, ‘You know I can’t make up 27 years, but I’d love to start a relationship with you now,’ and I said yes right away.”

The two got another DNA test to confirm the match before telling Tyree’s mother. The two have been getting to know each other ever since.

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