Lawsuits on the Rise

It’s an increasingly trending story.

The innocent gift of a take-at-home ancestry test is given during a holiday or birthday. But instead of bringing intrigue or putting together pieces of your ancestral history, the results are devastating; either you or someone you love is not who you think they are.

It could be the discovery that you have extra half-siblings or that your child was conceived during an affair. In Vanner Johnson’s case, when received his results from a 23andMe test kit, it revealed that his youngest son wasn’t listed as his biological relative. Grief and questions consumed the family as they pursued legal action.

After countless phone calls, he discovered that his sperm was mixed up with another donor for his wife’s IVF treatment, resulting in his son not being biologically his.

Unfortunately,  the Johnsons are not alone.

“I have seen a substantial increase in these cases over the past few years,” said Adam B. Wolf, a lawyer specializing in fertility fraud lawsuits. “Our clients typically call in February after receiving the results of the at-home DNA tests they receive for the holidays.”

While Johnson’s son was eventually able to meet his biological dad and the families are now friends, this isn’t always the case. Rightly so, many families seek legal action against fertility treatments and their fertility doctor or specialist.

DNA kits can be a trivial, fun gift, but they can also unearth unknowns that are better kept secret. They can even result in legal action and hefty fees. DNA testing should be carefully considered. If you proceed forward with testing, choose a company like DNA Paternity Testing Center to keep your genetic information secure and private.

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