Genetic DNA Testing is Uprooting lots of Family Trees

Here’s a head-scratcher for you: If your grandma wasn’t actually your grandma, would you still be “you”?

Statistical research estimates that about 1% of family trees are based around false or incorrect biological relationships. When applied across our nation of 320 million people, that’s a whole lot of families with mis-attributed relationships. From unknown siblings, shunned family members, infidelity or anonymous sperm donations — there’s a whole forest of family trees waiting to be cut down.

Ancestral DNA Testing can Lead to Surprising Results

The growing popularity and affordability of ancestral DNA testing means more people than ever before are getting concrete answers about their biological history.

In one headlines-grabbing case, a woman figured out that over 100 years ago, there was a clerical error in the hospital, and her infant grandfather was accidentally sent home with a stranger’s family, while that family’s infant had been sent home with hers. The bombshell revelation revealed two sets of relatives that wouldn’t have known each other existed, if not for DNA testing.

And in the case of “George Doe”, he discovered a half-brother he never knew existed, his father’s secret son from his previous marriage.

Statistically, such outcomes are unlikely. But people are naturally curious as to their place in the world, and that is what is driving the ancestral testing marketplace to grow from about $111 million dollars in 2017, to an estimated $340 million in 2022.

So how does it work? How can we be so sure of ancestry even if the relatives or grandparents are long-deceased? Most ancestral tests rely on 22 pairs of chromosomes. These are special instructions that are passed down from parent to child, and it’s why children resemble their parents — because they have been given the same instructions.

These markers are arranged in a very particular way that is your unique genetic code. The ancestry tests map out this code, and then try and match it together with a massive database containing the genetic information of other people.

In some cases, adoptees can locate their birth families. In others, there are no clear matches and the genetic trail goes cold. But the more people worldwide that take the test, the larger the database grows and the more likely it is that matches will be found.

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