Rapper Lil Wayne Ordered to take a Paternity Test — what do the results reveal?

Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne has many songs bragging about his sexual promiscuity, but had so far avoided a single child support case. But that changed when Keiotia Watson claims that she and Wayne had sex in 2001 and he is the father of her 16 year old son, Dwayne Brown.

In 2015 a judge agreed with Keiotia and ordered Lil Wayne to pay $5000 a month in child support. The rapper refused to pay a dime, saying that although he was in New Orleans at the same time as Watson, they never had sex in 2001 or any other time.

In response to the “he said, she said” back and forth, a new judge ordered Wanye to take a paternity test and the results are in.

There is a zero percent chance that Lil Wayne is the father of Dwayne Brown.

As we can see from this case, even A-list celebrities can become ensnared by injustice. If Lil Wayne had obeyed the judge’s earlier ruling, he would have been paying child support for a child that was not his. This happens to tens of thousands of fathers across the country.

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