Is Forensic Use of Genetic Databases Ethical?

Millions of Americans have submitted their DNA through direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA test companies such as Ancestry or 23andMe. These can help them fill in their family trees or locate long-lost relatives. Some test kits claim to give you answers for how to lose weight or predict future diseases.

These DTC DNA tests seem harmless, but there’s not much known about the storage of your genetic information. Some DTC companies are known to sell information to pharmaceutical companies and allow forensics to access their databases to solve crimes.

It’s no wonder that police departments want to access these extensive databases. In many instances, genetic databases have been used to solve cold cases–some of them decades old. They can also be used for current crimes and can help bring swift justice.

Some people praise the advancement of genetic databases in the fight against crime. However, others question the ethics of the issue.

When law enforcement looks through a genetic database, they investigate millions who they know could not have committed a crime. Your genetic information is viewed over and over again. There have even been instances where individuals have been falsely accused of a crime, and this causes extensive problems in legal fees and inconvenience or trauma for the individual.

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