DNA Data Breach Lawsuit Settled Two Years Later

DNA Diagnostics Center of Fairfield, Ohio, a private genetics testing company, has finally received the verdict of their lawsuit from 2021.

The testing center suffered a data breach in 2021 that exposed the Social Security numbers of 2 million people in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The data breach affected individuals who submitted genetic data between 2004 and 2012.

According to the report, DNA Diagnostics Center was given repeated alerts over a four-month period by a data-breach security monitor. The center overlooked these emails during the four-month period until they finally addressed the security breach.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle A. Henry reports that 12,663 Pennsylvanians had their Social Security numbers exposed. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said the breach affected around 33,000 people in Ohio.

The settlement states the company must pay fines of $200,000 to each office of the attorney general. It must also update its cybersecurity practices to meet industry standards.

“Negligence is not an excuse for letting consumer data get stolen,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said in a statement.

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