When Jose De Leon saw his daughter in 1974, he couldn’t believe the resemblance, even though his girlfriend claimed the baby wasn’t his. However, genetic testing decades later reveals that De Leon was right all along.

Jose was 18 and his girlfriend Michelle was only 17 when Michelle discovered she was pregnant. Despite De Leon’s belief that the baby was his, Michelle insisted it wasn’t. Jose moved away from Michelle, but would often return to her neighborhood in hopes of seeing Michelle and the baby.

Jose joined the US Army and was stationed away for 2 years. He tried to keep in touch with Michelle and her daughter, Maliana, but despite his best efforts, he couldn’t locate them.

At 45 years old, Jose fell in love, got married, and had children. However, tragedy struck with the death of his son, his marriage resulted in divorce, and he raised his daughter, Kailani, as a single father.

For Christmas 2022, Jose gave his now grown-up daughter a 23andMe DNA test kit. In mid-January, Kailani was notified that she had a half-sister. It was Maliana!

Within minutes, Kailani and Malina exchanged numbers. Then Jose contacted Maliana, and a joyous reunion was planned for just two weeks later.

The reunited family is learning more about each other. They visit often, and Jose and Maliana couldn’t be happier to have found each other.

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