Missing Florida Woman Identified Using DNA 37 Years Later

DNA testing has many beneficial purposes. You can discover your family tree, heritage, migration patterns, and more. It can also be used in forensics, either to convict or exonerate suspects in a criminal case.

Another beneficial use for DNA testing is identifying missing persons. When DNA is used for a living person, there is often a heartwarming reunification story. When DNA is used for a deceased person, the state’s bureau of investigation can solve cold cases, and families have a sense of closure.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation closed a cold case recently–one that was open for 37 years.

The Floridian woman went missing in Seminole County, Florida, in the mid-80s. She was found injured with blunt trauma to the head and unconscious on the side of a highway near Newton, Georgia. She later died at a nearby hospital.

In 2012, the woman’s body was exhumed from her grave. New DNA tests were done in 2022, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was able to identify her as Mary Anga “Angie” Cowan. GBI agents obtained genetic data from one of Cowan’s children to confirm the identification.

The report didn’t state if Cowan was targeted or if the blunt trauma to the head was accidental. There may be more investigation into her cause of death, but the DNA test was successful in identifying Cowan.

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