This Unreliable take-at-home DNA Kit gives False Results!

Shopping around for a trendy take-at-home DNA kit? You’ll want to avoid this one!

Like many home kits, GPS Origins gives you a percentage breakdown of your estimated ethnic heritage. But GPS Origins goes beyond standard tests with a unique niche in the DNA kit market: it calculates the migration patterns of your ancient ancestors and how those patterns led to your recent relatives’ origins. It also claims to pinpoint the exact geographic coordinates associated with your genes.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, not so fast.

Unreliable Results

Genetic genealogist Debbie Kennett and others say the test is based upon questionable science, and it’s even “methodologically unsound and not reproducible.” Some people were told they came from a village in the middle of the ocean! This DNA kit veteran said his ethnicity results through GPS Origins were far off from other home kit results.

Other problems with the test include waiting 10 days for your sample to arrive at the lab and another 4 to 6 weeks to receive your results. The test is only sold through resellers; these resellers all have various privacy policies that should be read thoroughly for loopholes. Not to mention, the cost for the test ranges from $99-$199—that’s a lot for an unreliable kit!

The Largest Accredited DNA Testing Network

Take-at-home DNA tests aren’t as reliable or safe as we once thought. Why take a chance on your privacy, especially when you may not get accurate results? Leave your worries behind by choosing DNA Paternity Testing instead!

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